Sue Boswick

Born in Israel, I s­­­tudied ceramics at the Visual Art Centre, Be’er Sheva in the late 70’s. Although trained in all ceramic disciplines I soon developed a strong affection to the wheel which has remained with me ever since.


I took a break from pottery mid 90’s to bring up a family and trained as graphic designer for that duration. At present I combine both, having set up a studio at my home, in Kendal.


My pottery is mainly domestic and functional, wheel-thrown in high-fired stoneware which is tough and durable, oven and dishwasher proof as well as microwave safe.


Aesthetically, I am drawn to simplicity of form and strive to combine this with the intended purpose of the ware, the latter being of equal importance to me.


My pottery is available to purchase at:

Viridian Gallery

13 St John Street
CA12 5AP

017687 71328


My next public display is at Upfront Gallery's Cumbrian Ceramics exhibition.

12th of November 2019 to 10th January 2020.

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