Sue Boswick

Born in Israel, I s­­­tudied ceramics at the Visual Art Centre, Be’er Sheva in the late 70’s. Although trained in all ceramic disciplines I soon developed a strong affection to the wheel which has remained with me ever since.


I took a break from pottery mid 90’s to bring up a family and trained as graphic designer for that duration. At present I combine both, having set up a studio at my home, in Kendal.


My pottery is mainly domestic and functional, wheel-thrown in high-fired stoneware which is tough and durable, oven and dishwasher proof as well as microwave safe.


Aesthetically, I am drawn to simplicity of form and strive to combine this with the intended purpose of the ware, the latter being of equal importance to me.

In 2019 I gained an MA in Ceramics from UCLan.


My pottery is available to purchase at:

Viridian Gallery

13 St John Street
CA12 5AP

017687 71328


I will be back again at POTFEST IN THE PENS. 30th & 31st of July & 1st August, 2021  

and will also take part at WARDLOW MIRES POTTERY & FOOD FESTIVAL,
11th & 12th September, 2021